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Pool Repairs Can Be Tricky and Merely Affordable When You Know How to Shop

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Many homeowners make the mistake of trusting their swimming pool services to a specialist. For instance, they assume that their pool repair technician will know which pump to replace, which filter to replace, and give them recommended maintenance procedures. Many also think that if they are leaking into their pool, their pool repair technician knows something about fixing leaks. These assumptions are wrong. Remember, it’s not always about what “you” want to fix when it comes to pool repair. Sometimes it’s about what “they” don’t want to fix, and you can’t really do much better than getting a second opinion.

One important thing to remember, however, is that even when pool repair services recommend that you buy a new pump or filter, or other replacement equipment, the only thing that really matters is whether the pool lining has been treated against leaks. Unfortunately, not all leaky linings are caused by the same things. And some kinds of leaks, like those caused by dirt or debris entrained in the inner workings of a fiberglass pool liner, cannot be stopped by a simple cleaning. In such cases, it’s best to have your pool lining replaced with a new one anyway. The same goes for pools that are completely sealed off from the ground water through a pool fence.

If a leak in your pool is located just inside the perimeter of a fence, and is fairly minor (there are many very simple pool repair services which can detect almost invisible damage), you can often repair it yourself. A pool repair specialist will never suggest that, of course; nor should you try to, unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to have an entirely new pool liner installed. And if your fence is made of vinyl, it may be advisable to install a liner on the inner side of the fence, instead of the outside. Vinyl is particularly good at sealing itself to metal and other forms of mesh, while being fairly resistant to water pressure. This, combined with the fact that pools which have been placed in areas where there are no fences have historically been prone to leaks – a pool repair company won’t likely recommend either – and the relatively low cost of installing a vinyl liner makes it a good choice.

Some swimming pool repair companies do, however, offer their own versions of the vinyl-lined fence – and these may be more reliable than vinyl-lined ones, even for smaller inflatable swimming pools. These devices, attached to the bottom of an inner tube or similar structure, resemble skimmer netting – but are made of a much stronger material. Instead of being anchored into the ground, they are simply placed around the outside edge of a pool. This is very effective at reducing the number of leaks that might occur if the bottom of a pool were left without any form of cover at all.

Shallow puddles may also be an issue if you don’t have any form of fencing to prevent them from becoming deep enough to pose a danger to you and your family. Pool repair companies often have the specialized skills required to fix shallow puddles, as well as more complex problems such as tree roots which have invaded pools. But it’s important for you to realize that in many cases, it’s better to have a pool repair company take care of deep puddles on your own. For instance, tree roots can sometimes grow so deep that they can completely seep into the main body of a pool, reaching places where it has little or no space to grow. In this case, you’ll often need to hire a pool repair company to remove and clean the entire thing, including the tree roots.

Finally, many above-ground pool maintenance and repair companies also offer saltwater treatments. Chlorine is one of the most commonly used forms of chlorine, but salt-water treatment is a newer method which are becoming more widely used by pool maintenance companies. Salt water treatment works by replacing chlorine in pools with sodium ions, which are less harmful to pools. In addition to being less harsh, salt-water treatments are also less expensive and can even be purchased in different flavors, allowing you to have your pick when it comes to choosing a saltwater treatment. It’s important to note though that although many pool maintenance and repair companies offer saltwater treatments, not all do, so you should check with your pool maintenance company first before purchasing the treatment.

Although most pool repair companies have their own equipment, you may want to consider hiring equipment from reputable suppliers. For example, instead of buying an expensive skimmer to suck up leaves and other debris out of your pool, you may want to consider renting one instead. Similarly, you may prefer to buy an automatic pool cleaner instead of hiring one each month. Reputable suppliers of pool repairs and pool maintenance equipment include: Shake-n-Play, PressureNet, iRobot, EZ Motion, Sun-Mar Corporation, iRobot Lifts, and others. Although you may have to pay a bit more for the equipment, the investment will be worthwhile as it will help you keep your pool in a pristine condition longer. Moreover, it will also help in keeping your pool costs down since you will not need to hire pool repair companies to regularly maintain your equipment.